For discerning executives and companies, as well as high net worth individuals and their families, we offer our personalized Concierge Service. This special, bespoke service provides an extra level of comfort and peace of mind through 24/7 access to our executive team via an exclusive phone number and secure email. Concierge clients have direct and immediate access to the partners and senior management staff, who are ready to offer expert advice and critical information to help mitigate whatever issue or crisis needs to be addressed.

As a concierge client, you have an open channel to our experienced team of world-class experts in criminology, psychology, military science, self-defense, technology, crisis management and emergency preparedness.

You will learn how to quickly identify potential threats as well as how to react in potentially dangerous situations. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that you have the tools, the knowledge and the immediate total support you need to thrive in these often challenging times.

Our concierge clients get an extraordinary layer of protection for themselves, their company and their loved ones. Services include:

Risk Assessment

The first step in proper security is determining where you are now. The concierge service will begin with a thorough assessment of your physical and digital threat profile, then recommend specific actions to mitigate those threats. Everyone is different, so your threats will not be the same as another client. Just as you wouldn’t purchase an off-the-rack suit at a department store, you shouldn’t adopt a generic security solution that is meant for people who face nominal threats.

Social Media Harassment

In today’s environment, personal brand is everything. Potential business and social partners will overwhelmingly turn to the Internet to learn your brand. This opens you to a very large threat surface which is impossible for you to police while also conducting your everyday affairs. QveritySecure will take up that task and work diligently to combat jealous ex-partners and malicious individuals bent on destroying your online reputation. Our services range from promoting your positive image to removing inaccurate and unfair content from social media.

Cyber Crime Assistance

QveritySecure employs a team of experts, with advanced degrees and decades of experience, who will protect you from online crimes ranging from stalking and financial scams to ransomware, hacked accounts, identity theft, and denial of service.

Domestic Staff Issues

QveritySecure represents the very best in establishing a security perimeter for you and your family, but what about those people you allow inside your safe space? Your busy lifestyle often requires you to employ a staff to provide services from cleaning to the care of your children. By failing to properly vet those individuals, you can be letting a wolf into your flock, and thereby endangering your most precious assets.

Terrorism Awareness and Hardening

September 11, 2001, marked a turning point in our world. We are all painfully aware that danger can lurk around almost any corner, and no one is ever truly safe. Recent events have proven that we must monitor and address terrorist threats not only from abroad, but from domestic groups who disagree with your ideology, or target you due to your social strata. QveritySecure is not staffed by academic theoreticians. You will have access to FBI terrorism specialists and CIA executives responsible for formulating national strategies to combat terrorism. No one can protect you better from this threat than us.

Personal Security Hardening

We live our daily lives with little thought to the danger that could be around the next corner. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we could be the next victim of sexual assault, workplace violence, carjacking, or robbery. QveritySecure will provide a former NYPD homicide detective to educate you on techniques that will make you an extremely hard target. This operational awareness, and concrete security posture, will keep you and your family from falling victim to the dangers that are only growing more prevalent.

Vetting of Potential Business Opportunities

If you are financially successful, you will find yourself bombarded by offers of the next great investment. Passing on a legitimate investment carries an opportunity cost, but falling for a confidence scam can be disastrous. QveritySecure employs some of the best investigators in the world. It would be virtually impossible for a con man to construct a deception that would survive the scrutiny of our investigation. Knowing that you are not falling for an elaborate ruse frees you to focus on evaluating the mechanics of the business opportunity, thereby allowing you to make extremely informed decisions.

Children’s College Security

One of the scariest propositions in life is releasing our children into the world to seek their own fortunes. QveritySecure can contribute to your peace of mind by acting as a guardian angel to your loved ones. We understand the challenges your children will face at college, both to their physical security and to their lasting reputations, and we will work to protect both. QveritySecure understands the different threat vectors of drug use, sextortion, and association with unsavory elements. Our decades of law enforcement experience gives us the tools to address those threats in a practical and non-judgmental fashion that will provide real results.

Elderly Abuse of Parents Via Home Care

Our children are not the only vulnerable members of our families. Modern life often demands that we place our parents in the care of individual who sometimes betray that trust. QveritySecure is unequaled in the field of employee vetting and can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your elders are being cared for by honest and dependable caregivers.