Get the Truth

No doubt, the truth can be frustratingly elusive. Whether it’s speaking with your teenager about how that dent suddenly appeared in the car, your spouse about a mysteriously deleted browser history, or your business partner about a discrepancy in the books, seeking the truth is often an exercise in futility that yields nothing more than hostility and divisiveness. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

Former CIA officers Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, and Susan Carnicero face the same truth-seeking challenges we all do, but there’s a difference: They tap the con-coercive elicitation skills they honed in the secretive world of counterespionage and counterterrorism, applying them in their everyday lives and responding to the popular demand for their expertise among consulting clients worldwide. They are extraordinarily successful in getting the truth, and remarkably adept at presenting their techniques in a way the rest of us can readily grasp and confidently put into practice.

Complemented with the insights of Peter Romary, an internationally recognized attorney and arbiter who is an expert in applying these techniques in business and negotiation, Get the Truth serves as an invaluable guide that arms readers with the skills necessary for getting the truth from anyone — every time.